Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Answer Key (part 2)

This is a continuation of various answers to random questions. Enjoy!

April asked:
  • What is your favorite- can't live without- running accessory? I could say my ipod (I have many) but I'm trying to break that habit. I can't imagine running without a Garmin. Luckily I can steal my daughter's Forerunner 305 if I forget to charge my 310xt - not that not charging it could ever happen, right? Not having a Garmin while running messes with my mind. Why? I don't know. Will I be able to cure that? I think I have a better shot with weaning myself off the ipod.
Teamarcia asked:
  • What's the ringtone on your cell phone? Here we start to explore the depth of my "issues." I carry 2 blackberrys with me almost all of the time. One is for work and the other is for my personal emails and such. They have different standard blackberry ring tones so I can easily tell work vs. non work. I am on call 7x24 since I manage staff worldwide. Additionally, I bought a mini phone to carry when I run since I dropped a blackberry while running one time. It was picked up by another runner on the trail and I got it back a few hours later. I don't even know what the ring tone sounds like on this phone as I only use it for emergencies.

Lisa asked:
  • What's your favorite season, and why? I am a big fan of autumn. Winter can be too cold and the leaving for work/getting home in the dark gets old. Spring has too many allergies and running around with end of school year kid's activities. Summer I seem to run around too much. The weather and the demands on my time are best in fall.

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Unknown said...

i'm a big fan of autumn too :-)