Thursday, August 18, 2011

Motivation or lack thereof.

I'm sitting here in my swim trunks procrastinating. I'm supposed to be swimming but I'm not. My swim workout tonight is supposed to be 20x100 as a main set and I'm staring at the pool instead of swimming. I'm writing this blog entry instead of swimming. I'm looking to do almost anything but hopping into the pool and doing what I'm supposed to.

I'm not proud of the way I feel but I'm sure almost everyone feels this way some time. I know that I have to do the work. I know that my Ironman is coming up and making the 17 hour cutoff is a serious concern. My run training (if you can even call it run training) is way behind. My cycle training is going OK but my power is off from its peak (I know since part of my procrastination was to look up my tested power numbers from 2 years ago). My threshold test yesterday was at 271 watts for the first 20 minute interval with 261 for a second 20 minute interval. I was proud until I saw I did 261 watts for a whole bike leg of a sprint tri two years ago. My swim training can best be described as I'm sitting here writing this instead of doing tonight's workout. And I'm fat.

I can invent all sorts of excuses but when you cut it to the bone I realize they are just excuses. Either do the work or don't. That's what the choice comes down to.

Sorry for the rant but I need to get swimming.


Mr26point2 said...

Hang in there ROCKSTAR. We all have our times of doubt.
You'll get through this flat spot.

x said...

just jump in and start to move to the rhythm. swim through the flat spot.

RockStarTri said...

I did what I needed to do! Every little bit will help.

Al's CL Reviews said...

We all have those moments of self-doubt. Just keep gutting it out.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

2011 seems to be the season of no mojo, I have never suffered this bad to be motivated to train or even to race for that matter

Kate Geisen said...

I saw this last night at the perfect time. I had suggested to my 7 year old that it would be fun for him to ride his bike along during my 2 mile recovery run. And then I sat at the computer with absolutely zero interest in getting off my butt. The combination of your post and his insistance were key to getting outside.