Sunday, July 17, 2011

A weekend in the life that interrupts.

My biggest challenge with this adult onset endurance athlete iron quest is life balance. Sometimes life gets in the way but sometimes I can do what I need if I'm little flexible. Sometimes you need to be a little insane and last weekend fell into the insane category. A wedding ceremony where the whole family was invited and looking forward to it that made it a challenge but we did OK. Here are the highlights:

5:50AM Wake up before alarm. Realize I can sleep in a little longer. Reset clock from 6AM to 7AM. Go back to sleep. Sleep a little.
7:00AM Get up. Hear a strange noise from the living room. Investigate and find the 46 gallon fish tank is almost empty due to a leak in the filter. Where's the water? All over the living room rug. Start cleaning. Do what I can.
7:55 Start riding realizing my hope for a 2:30 ride ain't going to happen but hit the road to get in what I can get in.
9:45 Did 1:45 of hills which turned out to be a little over 20 miles.
10:00 Clean up more flood, shower, get dressed, pack up the car with 3 dresses (pre-chosen by the Mrs. for my girls later in the day)
11:00 Leave for Newark Airport to pick up with women flying in from Maine for the wedding ceremony later that day.
11:30 Get caught in traffic.
12:45 Arrive in Newark Airport.
1:30 Lunch break at NJ Turnpike rest area with the beautiful people that seem to gravitate to rest stops.
3:00 Arrive in Princeton. Check into hotel. Try to take a nap unsuccessfully.
5:30 Wedding ceremony for Michael and Sara.
6:00 Cocktail hour.
7:00 Reception starts
11:00PM Post reception party starts.

12:30 AM Realize I'm a lightweight and can't stay up all night any more. Go to sleep.
5:00AM Get up, get dressed, get the children moving, load up the car.
6:15 Good bye Princeton, heading to Newark Airport.
7:15 Drop off girls at Continental for return flight to Maine. Drive home. No traffic :)
8:30 Arrive home. Clean up more flood. Eat breakfast, read newspaper. Economy still a mess. Mets had a miracle win - wins will be fewer as the player garage sale progresses.
9:30 Nap :)
11:30 Wake up to a phone call. Telemarketer.
12:00 Clean up more flood.
1:00 Eat some lunch.
2:00 Put on cycling clothes, pump up the tires and head out for long ride. Winds up being 61.1 hot, windy miles. Temp at start of ride was 90. Remembered why I like riding earlier in the day before the heat kicks up.
7:00 Change clothing and head out for a short transition run.
8:00 Dinner, jot down these thoughts. Clean more flood. We're going to need a carpet cleaner.
9:00 Shower, set clock for 5AM. Read "Go the F* to Sleep," a new classic children's book.

PS: The Mrs' schedule rivals mine with replacing the workouts with 4 flights between the NY area and Maine with a few hundred miles of freeway driving in Maine. But doing what she did I could do what I did.

PPS: Couldn't squeeze in watching the soccer game.


Pahla said...

I'm still chuckling at your beautiful people in the rest stop comment! :)
Excellent job getting the training in, I sure don't envy you the hot, windy miles. That's what makes you the rock star!

Michael said...

That really sucks about the fish tank! I totally hear you on the schedule though.

Aka Alice said... just made me feel so much better about my crazy weekends!

Why is it that in the middle of it, it doesn't seem so crazy, but when you stop to write it all down, you tend to think...WTF am I DOING? Or maybe that's just me :-)

Big Clyde said...


I assume the fish didn't make it?

Cory Reese said...

That life balance has got to be tough. I get tired just reading everything you're doing.

Way to go!