Friday, October 15, 2010

Back from Hong Kong

I spent the last week either in a plane going to Hong Kong, in Hong Kong itself, or on a plane flying home. This business trip included two 16 hour flights with a 12 hour timezone change. I don't know which is hitting me harder: the timezone change or the weather changing from temperature and humidity being in the upper 80s (with rain at times) in Hong Kong or arriving in New York with the temperature in the middle 50s. I'm pretty sure my body will adapt to the weather before the timezone. We'll see tonight at about 2 in the morning if I am staring at the ceiling or tomorrow when I try a work out.

I'll figure out tomorrow which type of workout but there will be a bike, a swim, a run/walk, and of course, a nap done over the course of the weekend. Most will be an easy intensity but I'm expecting the nap to be a "power" nap. In fact, I may even try more than one nap.


Heather said...

A power nap is definitely in order. In fact I it should be a national Sunday past time!
Glad you made it home safely.

Andrew Opala said...

The best thing to do is run for 12 hours and collapse under a bridge and sleep for 18 hours ... then you'll feel like your back on NY time!

Unknown said...

Hope you get past the jetlag soon!

Caratunk Girl said...

Holy crazy schedule, your body must be all confused. Get some rest!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Man NY to HK = brutal. Worse than LA = London

Ewa said...

For me the only thing that really works to combat jet lag is spending a lot of time in the sun. Any sun in NY these days? If not, come to CA. We seem to have a lot of it and can share.
Hope you had a chance to see more of HK than conference rooms. Amazing place.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I dislike traveling by airplane because even though I know that there are some sort of aerodynamic principles of physics at work that keep that multi-megaton hunk of metal in the air, I can't get past my own limited understanding of low-level physics that keeps whispering in my ear "Heavy things fall."

But a dream vacation of mine is a trip to the South Pacific, or friggin' Hawaii at least, but the thing that will keep that from ever happening is, not my (non-Erica Jong) Fear of Flying, but rather the fact that I am 6'4", don't fit in planes, and would get zero sleep in the 16-or-more-hour flight. So I'd spend the whole time there zonked out, trying to catch up on sleep and counter the time-zone vertigo and would maybe come out of it just in time to start dreading the plane ride home.

It sucks being me.

Does that make you feel any better?