Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I was in the store last weekend and I saw that many of the toys for Christmas are already on display! This seems to be getting earlier and earlier every year so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get my Christmas "wish" list together. I only put "material" things on the list as the race performance wishes at the various distances are something that I need to take care of by myself with hard work.

I've been a good rock star this year and definitely feel that I should be on the "nice" list. Don't listen to those other folks that keep saying that I should be on the naughy list and should get coal (again) - what do they know! Humbug to them.

So, without further ado, the list:

1) Even though I need to buy a new bike I would love if you put some race wheels under the tree - don't really care which ones. The Zipp Clydesdales look nice. HED makes some smokin' "stallion" wheels. There are other players like Reynolds that have interesting offerings. I know I'm not fast enough (yet) to get the most benefit out of them but they sure look cool and I hope to be fast enough one day. Maybe I'll be fast enough in 2010.

2) Lake Placid Computrainer real course video. Even though I'm looking at a different 140.6 long term this will help in the winter training. I'm riding a lot more on the trainer.

3) While most people don't put on things that they don't want, I'm going off the standard "Dear Santa" menu and putting a Aero helmet on the "not wanted" list. I can't imagine being able to wear one in a race, let alone walking around the transition area, without looking like a complete and total dork.
I'm sure that more will come up but if you put this stuff on the side for me now I'll let you know as quickly as possible what else catches my fancy.

Your friend always,

The Rockstar.

PS: If there is anyway that you can help with the body healing, weight loss, flexibility, or actual race performance, lets have a conversation as I'm sure that there is something that we can work out there.


JAllgood said...

Hey! A wonderful starting list with some good items. I SO agree on your Not-Wanted list. Those helmets are just too dorky for anyone!

It seems as though Christmas stuff is coming out earlier and earlier. It used to be mid-November, then right after Halloween decorations got put away, but now you have Halloween right next door to Christmas. I'm waiting for when there will be a permanent Christmas section in the stores. That really seems to be the next step.

Unknown said...

Santa's taking orders already?!?! Better get my list together too... ;-)

Al's CL Reviews said...

Good list. I had to Google everything to find out what they were.