Thursday, October 15, 2009

The brilliance of POM Wonderful

I was recently contacted by the folks at POM Wonderful. They stumbled across my blog and wanted to know if they could send me some samples of their product along with some background in exchange for some feedback. I thought "where was the downside?" and asked them to ship the stuff to Casa Rockstar.

About a week later I received the samples along with a few pages of notes. They had a lot of impressive literature and I found that they are funding a lot of pomegranate juice research. Seems like this stuff wasn't snake oil and was actually healthy.

Before I got to my taste test I saw that Wes at a Code's Geek Tail and Runner Leana at both had similar experiences and blogged about it. I read their experience as generally positive.

So it was going to come down to taste. My family tried it and found it on the sweet side. I thought it OK especially if it was watered down a bit. My daughter had some friends over and I offered a taste test to them and they declined. When the girls were getting picked up though some of the parents hopped on the bandwagon and thought the stuff was great. I guess taste in this case is hit and miss.

So where is the brilliance of POM wonderful? The rock star himself isn't a convert but Rockstar Research has shown that there are potential health benefits to this drink and others do like it. I feel the brilliance is using semi-random bloggers to help spread their word with no strings attached. It might a risky tactic as some could just as easily hate the stuff while others could love it. Either way there will be more "buzz." Perhaps POM will stick like spaghetti or perhaps it will miss but this may help POM Wondeful hit a tipping point (see Malcolm Gladwell's book titled the same).

For POM Wonderful, that would be truly brilliant.


Carolina John said...

Convert now Rockstar! I swear by POM wonderful. My chiropractor got me turned on to it a few years ago. anytime i get the sniffles they go away after 2 bottles. any cold/flu stuff pom takes care of. i hate "normal" medicine and synthetic remedies like the flu shot, and i don't think you need it when pom is around. it's good stuff if you can take the flavor.

Georgia Snail said...

I am on board too. The wife started drinking it while in Aethetic's school and swears by it. I went kicking and screaming thinking I would want to go out an hug a tree after I drank it...but it is good stuff...

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I received some samples too, taste like red wine to me. Dont love it, but health benefits are worth getting it, especially for us men.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I like it, but the price is too steep.