Monday, September 14, 2009

Putting the pieces back together.

Today I went to the office. I have a long commute with plenty of opportunity for people to invade my "personal" space. The inadvertent bump as people jostle for seats on the train or when walking along is one of my biggest fears. Actually, the pain from that bump is what makes it, let me word this right, "not good".

Monday night is supposed to be master's swim class for me but I only can resume training in the water when my wounds heal. My daughter Courtney swims at the same time with her junior tri team but since I look forward to the quality time to and from with her in the car, I'll sit there and watch the workout. Maybe I'll take a short walk. Oh, how my athletic goals are getting recalibrated.

The haggling is starting with the insurance company. I'm preparing the property loss estimates and will soon see which neighborhood their first offer lives in. I've ordered new glasses since my old ones are in pieces. I found that I had a bunch of spare glasses but none seem to be the right Rx.

I haven't eaten a lot of green food the past week as I've sort of focused on my type of comfort food (which are all unhealthy choices). With the return to work is the return to weight watchers and the eating program. I need to take control of something, not be a victim, and this is something that I have to do anyway.

The thing I miss the most is sleep. I can't sleep for more than about 90 minutes without moving and when I move my rib pain wakes me up. The pain killers buy me only a little more time of continuous sleep. A great accomplishment will be to sleep through the night. I'm sure MrsRockstar feels the same as I keep waking her up too.

But going to the office is a big step. Bit by bit, piece by piece, I'm getting it together. Hopefully the pace of recovery will quicken but I've never been known for my pace - the slow part of the journey strikes again.


Carolina John said...

keep it together Joe. You'll heal up quickly. btw, i posted about your accident today. hang in there brother.

Missy said...

SONOFABITCH - I AM glad that it's not worse but it still totally blows. I'm so sorry. Sending you all the good mojo for a speedy recovery and keeping your head on straight (literally AND figuratively).

Sarah said...

So glad that you are ok, but pissed that you even have to deal with being injured. I hope everything heals quickly and THANK YOU for the bike sizing advice, I really appreciate it :)

B.o.B. said...

Thanks for the help with the beverage selection. I think a nice cognac could work too.

As far as your CP - definitely don't give up! Stick to your guns and play it by ear. It's all you can do right to take back control. Work will help you get some normalcy for sure. (You know, like when a co-worker does something really, really dumb.)

Sending you many many wishes for a speedy recovery.