Thursday, September 24, 2009

...and that's ok.

  • Rode on the trainer Tuesday for 45 minutes L1/L2. It was harder than it should have been...and that's ok since I did it. Tonight I'm shooting for an easy hour on the trainer and plan to venture outside on the bike over the weekend.
  • My wounds are basically healed so I tried to swim last night. Lasted a little over 90 seconds and then had to stop since my ribs hurt too much...and that's ok since I tried it. I'll try again over the weekend. Rockstar Research says that a broken rib normally takes 4-6 weeks so I think I'm a little ahead of the curve.
  • Weighed in this morning at Weight Watchers and gained 0.4 lbs...and that's ok since I went instead of hiding. Maybe I was burning a few calories working out that I need to adjust due to my comparitive level of inactivity? To prevent finding excuses not to go, I prepaid for the next month. Since I already paid I'm sure I'll go. Sometimes cheapness can be a virtue.
  • My longest run since the accident has been across the parking lot...and that's ok since I made it all the way across without stopping. This weekend has yet another experiment on tap when I'll try to run a WHOLE LAP around the track. This will be at a pace no faster than a slow jog but I'll be happy if that happens. It might actually be slower than walking...and that's ok too.
  • Training will resume in earnest on Sunday with a plan to run a marathon (not NYC) as soon as practical...and that's more than ok.


B.o.B. said...

All of these things are DEFINITELY ok. You keep up the cross training and do what you can. I will do the same. So glad we can go on this little injury journey together. ;) (But I will be very happy to be on another training journey together soon!)

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Much appreciated.

Al's CL Reviews said...

You hurt yourself and are working out.

I have no excuse for not working out, and that is NOT ok.

Good job of not finding excuses for any of this. You are impressive.

Carolina John said...

awesome! it's got to feel good to get back into the groove again.

Unknown said...

good job getting back into the swing of things.

Diane said...

Paper this morning reporting that McNabb still unable to play. And that's OK. Continue to rest and heal. Sounds like your comeback is progressing very nicely :)

Jes said...

OK? It's way better than OK!! After reading about your accident, I think you're awesome and inspiring! I have a feeling I'd still be in bed!