Thursday, July 30, 2009

A few seconds here, a few seconds there.

My girls are finally home from sleep away camp. Courtney has been riding her bike almost every day while Amanda decided to continue her cross country quest and actually started training! After a solid 3 days of running 2-3 miles a day she figured that she was ready to race -go figure. Work got in the way of my training plan so BikeMike and I adjusted the agenda to have me join Amanda in the Wednesday night no frills LIRRC 5k.

I set a PR by 6 seconds, bouncing against the, hopefully not mythical for me, non-sucking barrier of 10:00min/mile, finishing in 31:02. A few seconds better than my previous 5k PR set just last week and a few seconds short of my 10:00 goal. Still finished last in my age group, 42 seconds away from not last.

Amanda also set her 5k PR by 3 seconds. This time was a few seconds better than her pre-camp trophy snagging 5K time but a girls cross country team showed up in mass to race this time. It was obvious that they have been training together for a while and they had their game faces on. Many were her age or younger and they all seemed fast. Amanda experienced for the first time what I describe as people were racing against her rather than running in the same race. She finished 8th of 16 in her AG.

We'll see how effective this race was as a learning experience and what Amanda will do about it. Hopefully whatever she does will find her a few seconds. I need to continue on my quest to find a few seconds too. Then we both need to continue finding seconds here and seconds there and after a while, those seconds will add up to be something.

Last night we found a few seconds here and a few seconds there. The journey continues....

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Jeff said...

Rock Star,

Don't sell yourself short! Technically, since a 5K is actually 3.10685 miles, you broke the 10 minute barrier and didn't even realize it. According to my trusty pace calculator, you came in at 9:59.319698 per mile. Gotta love the math. Congrats on a new PR which I'm sure won't last very long based on your recent improvement.