Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Placid 2011 and choices.

On our ride Saturday EagleFran told me that he, along with EagleTim, had figured out that I will be doing IMLP with them in 2011. Of course I haven't gotten confirmation from Tim that he is actually in or if Fran told HIM that I determined that Tim would be doing this with me. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

In any event, doing an Ironman is always one of those far off Rock Star dreams and if most things in my life go well, I expect this to be something that I would consider in earnest late spring 2010 for 2011. This would have to be a decision where I get only one of the votes as the time I would need to dedicate would be an uplift to what I'm investing now for at least some period of time. The other slant on this is the timing of Placid being in July so the heaviest workout load would be in May and June. These months are typically busy with "social" events in the Rock Star household.

Perhaps a late season option (IMFL or IMAZ) would be something worthy of consideration instead. Most importantly, though, would for me to get into a position where these questions and choices can be made. We're not there yet. And it will be OK if we decide that this isn't for me but I'd like to get physically and mentally into that position to be able make that choice.

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