Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not the Montauk Century

I enjoy riding in the Montauk Century. I've done it 5 times with TNT and Dawn did it last year. I got to be Mr. SAG and Mr. Cheerleader while Dawn rode it but it was an exciting day even though I changed at least 10 flats.

This year I wasn't going to do the whole ride since I was afraid if the time necessary to recover would impact Eagleman. Instead was going to ride a bit of the route along side the riders and turn around at some point. The expectation was to get at least 3 hours of riding in or go as long as 65-75 miles.

It seems as though a recurring theme of my blog posts is bad weather and this entry continues this trend. We were supposed to leave Casa Rockstar at 6am to meet the TNT faithful at 7am but we started a little late.

When we left it was very foggy and misty. Then it started to rain. Then it started to rain harder. Then it started to rain harder and get cold. Then it started to rain harder, get cold, and the wind kicked up. Get the picture? It turned into a miserable day for riding weather-wise.

The best choice I made was to put on a wind breaker before I left after some debate. EagleTim made a different choice and went with a jersey/shorts combo - the cold got to him first. Two stops for dry socks and a Trifecta breakfast (3 eggs, 3 pancakes and 3 sausage) at the diner helped ride out the storm but we were still miserablely cold. Rite Aid could have charged whatever they wanted for the hoodie that Tim had to buy for what, at the time, seemed necessary for survival. I wasn't cold until we stopped and then the shivers set in.

Dawn saved the day by picking us up. We got in 53 miles in about three hours of riding and were happy it was over. We took pity on those doing the full 100 mile enchilada especially those we saw dressed in cotton shirts and cargo shorts.

I'm sure there will be clear skies for next year's Montauk Century. Then again, maybe not.

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