Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Oh Something or Eleven Flats

After running about 2 miles to get in some extra mileage and before the drenching cold rain started, EagleFran asked me what I hoping hoping to do in the 10k as we were waiting in the start corral for the NYRR Healthy Kidney 10K in Central Park on 5/16/2009 . My response was "one oh something or eleven flats".

My logic was that last year in this race I did a 1:14:10 (11:57 per mile). This was my stand alone 10k PR but really because I hadn't run a stand alone 10k since then. I was faster than this time in the StA brick's 10K and in the first 10K of the LI Half Mary. I wanted to beat my pace I did for my 5m PR thinking another good mindset would be to always beat the pace of a slightly shorter race.

Actual results were 1:08:16. Pace was 11:00 per mile. One oh something. Eleven flats.

Happy Rock Star.

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