Friday, March 6, 2009

Songs that get stuck in my head while training and racing

While riding my trainer, I like to listen to music as it makes the time go by quicker. Some times I watch videos (try pushing threshold wattage while watching "The Best of Beavis and Butthead" one day and you'll see how this can impact focus) and sometimes just a Spinerval type DVD. Although I got a H2O Audio for Christmas that lets an ipod shuffle to be used while in the pool, I haven't used it yet as most of my time in the water is still focused on survival (aka not drowning). When I run, though, I'm attached to an ipod but when I ride outside or race in events that won't allow music, I mostly have no audio stimulation except for ambient noise (listening to the homeless guy trying to channel Frank Sinatra does count in this category).

Why don't I wear headphones while I ride outside or race? Some of it has to do with safety or training habit. There is also that disqualification shadow that some events cast upon the participants with personal music.

A downside to this is that when I have no music my mind wanders. Invariably a song will get stuck in my head and most times it stays there until the end of the ride or race. Unfortunately sometimes the same song gets stuck time and time again. Sometimes the songs aren't that annoying but sometimes they are world class annoying. The worst is when only some of the words are known and it seems like a 10 second tape loop going on forever. Here are a few of my most common song offenders:

  • "Chameleon" - both the Herbie Hancock and Maynard Ferguson version
  • "Una Paluma Blanca" - Slim Whitman version
  • "Funky Town" - Lipps, Inc.
  • "I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor
  • "Freak Out" - Le Chic
  • "Hips Don't Lie" - Shakira

and of course,

  • "I Wanna Be a Rock Star" - Nickelback

I'll add more to the list as they get stuck in future workouts. I've got a >2 hour ride on the agenda for Sunday and I'm sure there will be a new entry afterwards into this dubious list.

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