Monday, March 23, 2009

NYRR Colon Cancer Challenge 15k

I'm a bit confused as to what to write about this race.

On the successful side this was the longest race I ever "ran" (as compared to run/walked). My race goal was to try to keep a 11:00min/mile pace and see how long I could keep that going except for walking through while drinking at each water stop. At 10K I was more than 5 minutes ahead of my 10K PR time with a 5K yet to be run. My 1:44:19 finishing time would translate into a 2:30:00 1/2marathon per the Runner's World pace. I tied my high water mark in NYRR's mystery age-graded performance level percent (at 44.1% whatever that means). I was able to get #5 of the 9 races required for the guaranteed entry into the 2010NYC26.2 done. As this was the first 15K I ever ran, I got a PR!

On the unsuccessful side I tweaked my right calf again. Not as bad as the HoHoNo as I walked a little to try to loosed it up (unsuccessfully) but I was able to jog it in. It still hurts a bit the day after but seems heading in the right direction. As there was a bit of a skewed population running the 15K rather than the 4m option, I finished closer to last (2191/2347, beating only 6% of the finishers). And I was lapped by 2 of the leaders.

So, it was a mixed bag. Some good stuff, some less than good stuff. I hope this experience will make the 10k at the end of StA seem not as long and make the half at the end of Eagleman seem like a victory stroll.

Or a Rockstar's encore. :)

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