Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Refocus and Menu planning

I haven't been to weight watchers since I've been back from vacation. I've found that my weight has been inching up even though I've been training fairly regularly and generally watching what I eat. This morning the scale said 264.8 and I realized this variation to a plan wasn't working. It is time to get off the schneid and refocus my energy (or lack thereof anyway) on this.

I've picked a checkpoint as the Nationwide Insurance Run for ASPIRE 10K in Plainview, NY 4/4/2009. I haven't done a 10K in a while and expect to have a PR performance as my long training runs these days are done at a pace that is at or close to my current 10k PR pace. I'd also like to get my weight down at least 10pounds from where it is today before that event.

I've found that I'm most successsful losing weight when I model my meals against a eating plan. I had in my blackberry a weekly plan that I must have lost while cleaning up the many junk emails that I get so to prevent this from getting lost again I've decided to post it on the blog. So here it goes:

  • Breakfast - home
  • Lunch - Wrap
  • Dinner - McDonalds Salad

  • Tuesday
  • Breakfast - None (weigh in day)
  • Lunch - If down > 2 lbs - Yips, otherwise - Chopt salad, if flat/up - wrap.
  • Dinner - Fish Sandwich

  • Wednesday
  • Breakfast - Home
  • Lunch - Wrap
  • Dinner - McDonalds Salad

  • Thursday
  • Breakfast - Home
  • Lunch - Salad
  • Dinner - Burger night

  • Friday
  • Breakfast - After Swim (out)
  • Lunch - McDonalds Salad
  • Dinner - Home Salad

  • Saturday
  • Breakfast - Bagel Store
  • Lunch - McDonalds Salad
  • Dinner - Out to dinner

  • Sunday
  • Breakfast - home
  • Lunch - Mc Donald's Salad
  • Dinner - Home with the family

  • Of course there needs to be flexibility in this but this is the bogey. There is a lot of McDonalds but I am a shareholder. Additionally I need to drink 1L of water before lunch every day. Let's see how we do.

    PS: The earworms last weekend were "Breaking the law" - Judas Priest (courtesy of Butthead) and Taylor Swift's "Love Story."

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