Monday, January 4, 2016

Why did I publish that blog post the other day?

There could be a bunch of reasons:

1) I had to pay my domain registration fee and wanted to make sure that it still worked.

2) I have been rarely looking at blogs these days but remember there was a time where they were very motivational. There are people that I met through the blog world but have crossed over to the real world.

3) I'm looking at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too much. I seem more like a voyeur on those other social media platforms though and a 2016 resolution is to cut down the time I waste on them.

4) all of the above.


Jford said...

welcome back! I know I need the motivation to continue my journey as well!

Carolina John said...

I hear that. FB and Twitter are time holes. No time left for long thought expression anymore, and my reading is slacking off too.