Saturday, May 2, 2015

Returning to training and mind wanderings

Earlier this week I signed up to run the 2016 Disney Half Marathon. I signed up my daughter Amanda too as her college schedule got adjusted so this race is now the weekend before she goes back to school rather than the week after. This will be her second half Mary. I counted my history and found it will be my eighth.

The last time that I did this race the result was not pretty. I was fat, I hadn't trained, and I walked the whole thing expecting to be picked up at any time by the sweep bus. I avoided that embarrassment but that was about the only one I did avoid.

Now I am fatter, I still haven't trained, in worse shape but have 248 days to fix that. Today, I hunted up my Garmin, my iPod shuffle, my RoadID, put on my sneakers and hit the running trail. I walked for just over 40 minutes and 2.35 miles. One has to start somewhere.

I saw this stencil spray painted on the trail. There were a bunch of them that were put there by folks training for last years flavor of Disney (I only know this because at some point someone painted "RunDisney2015"). I found it motivating. I also found it a little disappointing that someone is spray painting the trail.

As I was doing semi-real training for the first time in a long while, I had a few thoughts bounce into my head. Where they came from, I don't know but here are some of them:
  • You can't out run a bad diet.
  • During Ironman training I used to run a half Mary one day almost every weekend. 
  • Every bit helps.
  • There were a lot of old people on the trail walking and running.
  • I want to run most of Disney, not walk.
  • I'm now one of those old people.
  • I need to run an official sanctioned 10k before the end of September to get a qualifying time to be with the runners rather than the walkers at Disney. Time to look at race calendars. Perhaps Cow Harbor?
  • I haven't written a blog in a long time. Fixed!


MILF Runner said...

What color sparkly skirt will you race in? You know Disney is better if you sparkle.

Ransick said...

It's good to have a goal. You can do it!

Kate Geisen said...

A lot can change in 248 bet is you do. Here's to running Disney and banishing the memories from last time. Incidentally, my running goal used to be to be able to run a half marathon at any time on a whim, and now doing my nephew's couch to 5k workouts with him seems almost plenty.

One Crazy Penguin said...

That is plenty of time for you to train and rock your goals! Plus, Disney is such a fun race and being trained for it lets you enjoy it much more!

Jford said...

Welcome Back! You can do this!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Welcome back! There's plenty of time. And since you already started training, you'll be that much more ready.

Pahla said...

I love getting little signs like that! Obviously, Mickey agrees that you should get back to training. :) Nice to see you again!