Sunday, May 10, 2015

What stays in Vegas.

Last week I had to go to a nerd convention in LasVegas. I was supposed to fly out on Sunday night,  go to the show Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then fly back on Thursday. I packed my Garmin and running clothes with the expectation to try to continue easing back to work out mode. I also hoped to eat healthy or at least as healthy as I could. I was going to blend in with the nerds. Some people say that isn't so hard for me.

Great plan, but then it got adjusted to reality and rationalization.

Rather than run on Monday, I realized I didn't know how much walking I would need to do with the show. It wound up being more than I expected with the Fitbit saying I topped 20k steps. In fact, one of the wins for the week was the step report from Fitbit. Every day over 10K steps. I rationalized that all that walking was just as good as working out. I have to stop rationalizing.

Work kept forgetting that I was in the pacific timezone with my day starting normally at 4:30am. I was tired and blew off most of the vendor dinners but didn't eat so healthy instead of these dinners. Vegas didn't wow me, it seemed to have more stuff run down that my previous trips and the people seemed lower class. I didn't gamble much ($20 total) and worked a lot. Even with all that, a week in Vegas resulted in no weight gained. Probably as good as I could have hoped for.

Unfortunately, once I got back to civilization, I realized my motivation stayed in Vegas. The timezone impacted me coming home and I've been a lump the few days since I got home. Fitbit tells me I'm doing about 4k steps a day since I'm home. Much less than my 7-8k average.

I finally unpacked my dirty clothes and realized I need get back my focus. Going for a walk later today with the goal of 10k steps. Maybe I'll even wear my Garmin and turn it into a "real" workout.

That's a bet I will make. And I'll probably win.

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CautiouslyAudacious said...

I have to go to Vegas in June for a work conference and am nervous about sticking to my workouts!!