Friday, December 26, 2014

I resolve to be a Resolutionista

I saw a sign in the spin studio the other day, "December is the new January." I think it was a little bit of snark towards those who will show up in January after stating their new year's resolutions.  The irony is that the Resolutionistas are not there in December yet to see this sign. I wondered what the sign will say in January.

The good news was that I was in the spin studio to see it at 7AM on a Wednesday. My daughter, who is home from college, had a brief thought to get up early and join me, but her resolve around those plans disappeared as soon as she saw that the class was full with only the waitlist left. She slept in. I got up and completed the class anyway.

This is traditionally the time of the year to look back at what you accomplished and to look forward to what you will accomplished.  Were you naughty or were you nice? What are you going to do next year to be either nicer (or perhaps naughtier?) I'm normally very good at this in my professional life but I've found that in parts of my personal life I've been a mess for a while.

I found that if I make audacious statements of that I am going to do this or going to do that, I don't. in the past I did. So something needs to change.

I decided to be a type of resolutionista.  I resolve to do something about my weight/body composition and to stop finding excuses to not get back into shape. The difference is that this resolution can't go away for me or there will be grave consequences.

Most Resolutionistas disappear by February. I need to not disappear. The first step is that I've reserved a spot in a spin class on Friday. The resolution begins.


Pahla said...

Good for you!! I usually do okay in the personal resolution department (I tend to make resolutions I know I can keep, with a few notable exceptions - I'm looking at you, pullups!), but I've never really made plans for my business. Which is bad. So this year, I'm making business resolutions and have formulated a plan of attack for how to keep those resolutions. Setting up the plan step by step was huge for me, hopefully you're doing the same with your personal goals. And I hope blogging about it is one of those steps!! :)

Teamarcia said...

December was totally my January. I loathe the whole resolution thing. I mean why wait for a new year? I'm pretty good on fitness stuff, its the organization front that I really need to focus on. Great to see you blogging! And spinning!

Ransick said...

You can do this. Treat your goal like you treated your first Ironman goal and get obsessed with following your plan.