Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things I remembered I missed while riding my bike.

This morning I was delaying going on my ride, inventing fake reasons why I would do it later. Yesterday I did the same thing but I delayed it to the point where I never did it at all. I didn't want that to happen again so I decided to just get on my bike and ride around the neighborhood for a while. I didn't want to get too far away from my house as one of the reasons that I was inventing ("it was going to rain") was actually based in fact.

During this ride I realized there were a whole bunch of things that I missed while riding. Thought I'd jot a few down and read this when I find myself procrastinating yet again.

Good things:

  • Fresh asphalt.
  • Cue markings for bike rides that were done before.
  • Passing one of those portable speed sensors that say speed limit/your speed and it shows you are going faster than you think.
  • The head nod given and received for/by riders going in the opposite direction.
  • Riding a road that you never had ridden before.
  • Climbing a hill as others bomb down it going the other way. 
  • Having people working on their lawn say good morning as you ride by.
  • The sound of a woodpecker.
  • Thinking of quotes from Caddyshack as you ride past a golf course.
  • Church bells.
  • Not getting rained on even though the ground is wet during parts of your ride.
Bad things:
  • Broken beer bottles on the side of the road. The people that put them there should be mandated to drink only crappy canned beer for life.
  • Old people cutting you off with their car, oblivious to their surroundings.
  • Pot holes.
  • The smell of road kill.
  • Riding over an acorn and having it shoot out at a speed which approaches the sound barrier.
  • Dogs barking from inside a car that passes you.
  • Puddles.
  • Leaves and twigs while on a road bike (note this goes to the good thing category on a mountain or cross bike).
To be categorized things:
  • The sting of sweat dropping into your eye.

Got any to add?


TriMOEngr said...

The peace and quiet while on an early morning countryside ride and the beauty of said countryside. May not be on your list due to your locale, but I can see cows within a few miles.


Kenny Loggins song "I'm all right" playing on a loud speaker as you ride by that golf course...

Kate Geisen said...

Passing spots where I remember "This is where..." Bonus points if I'm riding with someone who's in the memory.

Teamarcia said...

When people throw trash out of their car and it comes so close to hitting you, you can't help but think it was premeditated.