Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Purposeful cycling

As I am transitioning from slug to an out-of-shape athlete wannabe, I'm actually doing a lot of the workouts prescribed by my coach (all will come soon). One of the workouts that I did do last weekend involved bike intervals outside intervals on a flat course. It called for a set of 5x5 minute harder sessions interspersed with other sections that I viewed as just cruising as recovery. I thought I nailed the power targets during the harder bits but got an email after I posted my workout from my coach which said:

"Are you pedaling then briefly coasting frequently or is your power dropping to zero a problem with your power meter?" 

Busted. I answered truthfully that I was pedaling then coasting as I watched the scenery go by. His response was:

"More pedaling and less coasting next time please :)"

This made me think about what I was actually doing and why. There is riding and there is training - they are not necessarily the same thing. I was riding when I should have been training. I did this ride on a 4 mile loop that I went around a bunch of times. Yes, I could have checked out the scenery during my warm up lap or in my cool down but when it was time to train I should have been riding with a purpose. I will claim the invention of the term "purposeful cycling."

This week's plan was posted and includes a similar workout, extended a little longer with the comment "try not to coast." I am sure my mindset will be dialed in to purposeful cycling mode. I'm sure that'll make him happy and soon will become the norm. 

Just like it was before.


Teamarcia said...

Oh wow. If it makes you feel any better, I'd be busted too. Love me some coasting! Ha!

Unknown said...

I like it...riding vs. training. There is a time and a place for each. But you shouldn't be riding when you need to be training!


So true..
Some high school friends posted on FB that they rode 40 miles this Sunday. A lot of miles for them. Their time wasn't revealed. I did 50 on the same day. I averaged 17mph (typically 16mph) with 2000 feet of climb.
They rode their bikes
I trained.
Go out and train my friend

Michael said...

I am jealous. I would love to have a coach...and a power meter :)

Love how accountable both hold you.

Good luck with the next workout.

TriMOEngr said...

I guess I pretty much "ride" most days, but since I live in a pretty hilly town - it isn't too far from "training". Good reminder though that sometimes time in the saddle just isn't enough.