Friday, February 8, 2013

Scratching an itch.

A few weeks ago I got a rash on my right calf. It quickly spread to my left calf, then both shins, my stomach, and then finally in the part of my back between the shoulder blades that cannot be reached by conventional means. The itching was driving me crazy.

I realized that my wife started using fancy detergent, Tide pods, that are cleaner to use (for her) while washing. I guessed that I might be allergic to this so asked her to return to old school Tide. She did. The itching kept driving me crazy.

I was seeing my doctor for a follow up from my plague and such and showed him the rash explaining that I thought it an allergy. He didn't think it was an allergy so recommended for me to see a dermatologist. I saw the dermatologist and he said I was suffering from dry skin. He recommended some cream to get from the drug store to solve the dry skin and a prescription cream to stop the itching. The local CVS had neither in stock so had to order some. Been disappointed with CVS lately as the folks working there seem to be getting less smart (aka stupid) and they never have what I need.

I kept thinking of this stuff as "the cream and the clear" from BALCO or potentially a "balm" from the Maestro. I picked up my creams last night fighting the crowds preparing for the snow storm and started applying liberally. I'm still itching but hope this will be cured soon.

PS: Everyone in the house seems relatively healthy these day having gone over our various illnesses. Thanks for all the emails.

PPS: The only thing worse than 2x20s on the bike trainer is 3x20. Guess what is on the plan for while the snow comes down? Yup, 3x20. Maybe I'll get an itch for more training.


Carolina John said...

Stay clean man! Bad detergents, rashes, and roid rage don't mix. Glad you guys are healthy, our oldest got a sinus thing.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

I never new you could get a rash like that just from dry skin, wow. Hope it goes away quickly!!

MILF Runner said...

Slathering oatmeal on your skin is supposed to help soothe itching. I'm not making that up.

Good luck with the 3x20. What intensity are you aiming for? We used to have a 3x 20 at AT w/ 5 min rest between. It was brutal.

Anonymous said...

Scratch that training itch!

Unknown said...

Oh, oh... I started scratching after reading your post! Seriously, I hope you get better soon.

Ransick said...

Glad you got your rash cream before the big storm. Stay safe!

Al's CL Reviews said...

This post made me itch.

Glad you were able to get some cream.