Friday, January 4, 2013

Other types of PRs

I was thinking about PRs in racing and training. Many people are posting about how many miles they raced or trained last year or PRs that they set. My mileage was low last year but I didn't dive into the numbers. My PRs are fairly modest compared to most but I keep track of them, look at them from time to time, and sometimes figure out which one to attack next. This year I hope to break two of PRs - Oly tri and Ironman - at least that's the goal.

I don't believe that I'm very different than most so called athletes. As an experiment as someone what their PR is in a common distance like a 5k. Most athletes will rattle it off immediately but then the next sentence is often either an excuse or a plan to improve. Try it.

Then I had a brain fart. What if you had PRs in other parts of your life that you mentally track as closely? I thought of how much money one makes in a year or the biggest bonus or commission if you work in fields like that. I knew that off the top of my head too.

Some other ideas for PRs came to mind:

  • The most vacations taken in a year. (notice it isn't the most days worked in a year)
  • Worst sunburn (hard to measure).
  • Smartest moment.
  • Number of near death experiences.
  • Number of times fate intervenes in near death experiences. (all?)
  • Highest (dubious) or lowest weight as an adult.
  • Smallest size clothes you've fit into.
  • Date of last all nighter.
  • Luckiest you've ever felt.
  • Date of last all nighter not work related.
  • The fastest you've ever driven in a car  (mine was >100mph since the speedometer only went that high)
  • Dumbest moment.
  • The fastest you've ever ridden your bike. (I've topped 50mph a few times, last at a Placid training ride).
  • Longest your house has been out of power.
  • Coldest/hottest temperature you've experienced and where.
  • Saddest you've ever been.
  • Most frightened you've ever been.
  • Happiest you've ever been.
Some of these have crossed into the athlete mode again - hey, it happens. I can't remember all of these for me but it is an interesting exercise and I'm thinking about keeping track. Any to add?


TriMOEngr said...

-Hardest I've ever laughed
-Strangest thing I've ever seen
-Proudest moment (as a parent)
-Proudest moment (not as a parent)
-Drunkest (most drunk?) I've ever been
-Most physical pain I've ever been in
-Coolest place I've ever been

Nice exercise.

Kate Geisen said...

Along with your most days on vacation...we've tracked most nights camping in a year.

Number of books read in a year.

Spandex King said...

I think I'll shoot for most consecutive days sitting on the beach! I think your on to something.

Ransick said...

Nice list! I'll add longest time to get to your destination on a trip and longest flight.

Unknown said...

You make a good point. It seems we try harder with athletic PRs than life PRs. Your post really helped me to get refocused on life.

Carly said...

Love the list. I think I set a pr for most weight gained from nov to dec. ha! happy new year!

Patrick Mahoney said...

This is a great list borne from a great thought.

I'd have to change "Dumbest Moment" to "Dumbest Moment Today" since for me it's only fair it resets daily. Thinking I could get home from Santa Monica in < 1 hour on Friday at 4 PM was today's.

Michael said...

Interesting concept. Pretty true.

I like setting a PR for most vacation days. That really appeals to me :)

Unknown said...

Love your list. It's easy to track our athletic PRs and accomplishment, but balance demands we pay attention to the other parts of our lives too.

Maria (maslife) said...

Never thought to track Life PRs - but I guess I do this subconsciously. I bet I'll continue to obsess over running and triathlon PRs :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Interesting, I never about tracking my life PR's

Carolina John said...

I do track and actively try to beat max bike speeds. Currently I'm sitting at 44.3 mph coming down Paris Mountain in Greenville SC. Great list!

MILF Runner said...

Very awesome.