Monday, December 24, 2012

December ramblings.

  • There could be lots of reasons why I haven't written a blog entry lately but the net of it is that I haven't. No excuses. Fact.
  • I've been traveling a lot recently. Sleep overs in New Jersey and London were the most time consuming. I have a lot of work travel to plan. Dallas, Singapore, San Fran, Prague, Hong Kong, Tampa, and Boston need to be queued up.
  • Getting PLAGUE on the way home from London in the petri dish known as American Airlines sucked. (The doctor said it was the flu, not PLAGUE, but I'm still a little messed up).
  • Our treadmill was fixed but I haven't used it yet.
  • I'm no where near being ready to run a half Mary in less than 3 weeks. In fact, I really can't run at all although I've walked 6-7 miles or so one a week in addition to some other training when not suffering from Plague.
  • My daughter, in contrast, seems ready for Disney having thrown down a 10 spot last weekend with the running club. I walked 6.
  • Losing all this time has made the holidays sneak up on us. Can we just delay it a few more weeks?
  • I really don't like email holiday cards. Seems too impersonal. Especially when you have to remind yourself who that person actually is - most commonly a vendor wanting to sell crap.
  • I like picture christmas cards but not when I can't recognize the kids in the picture as they have changed so much.
  • The NYC marathon resolution has been published. The lesson that I learned was do not cancel until the last minute. Since I cancelled 3 weeks earlier I do not get a refund. Don't know what options I do have but rescheduling it for 2014 would have most appeal to me. It will be my first marathon.
  • I'm so fat that I can't fit into my clothes any more. Need a self intervention. Don't want to buy fat clothes again but might have to. Christmas cookies aren't helping but this is the key to my year.
  • My 2013 race calendar is set. Two races in Florida, one in New York, and one in Tempe are the highlights.
  • Training is going slow but going. The indication of real triathlon training is when I'll be swimming. Thinking about kicking that up this week and either masters swim or private lessons after the New Year.
  • Merry Christmas to all.


KovasP said...

Merry Christmas - may the New Year be a great new start!

Kate Geisen said...

Ugh...I had the flu, too. It was terrible. Knocked me on my butt and took two weeks before I felt like I'd ever feel better again.

I know what you mean about the fat clothes. I've been (finally!) losing some weight, but I'd refused to buy anything bigger than what I had and spent a looooong time wearing the same few clothes that fit. No fun.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

TriMOEngr said...

I was another flu victim (as were my 2 kids). No fun. Sorry you are struggling right now with the holiday goodies and weight. I've been wearing the same clothes for months in hopes of losing some more (which I did with the flu, but gained back). I need to definitely kick it up a notch too. More veggies for sure. Best wishes to your daughter on her running. That is great that she is knocking out some longer mileage. Sounds like she will crush that event. Merry Christmas. Thanks for your friendship and support this year.

Anonymous said...

I despise American Airlines and avoid whenever possible.

Happy Holidays and just one more cookie and beer and then it's time to be healthy!

Patrick Mahoney said...

You need to fly on the foreign carriers. You still get sick, but at least it's an exotic strain of one thing or another...

Ransick said...

Merry Christmas! You sure have a busy travel schedule coming. Makes getting the workouts in tough and eating right even tougher. Hang in there!

Carolina John said...

Hope you had a great holiday with the family Joe! That's a lot of work travel.

Jason said...

Tempe? As in IMAZ Tempe?

Hope you got over the sickness and the cookies......

Al's CL Reviews said...

I hope you had a good holiday, and got over the plague.