Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Musings

  • I had my first toe nail casualty of the season when the whole toe nail of the middle toe on my right foot decided to vacate the premises.
  • The battery on my laptop is, to use the technical term, crapping out. It only holds a charge for about 15 minutes. My family (except me) has completely converted over to the dark side (aka Apple) but I still have some stuff that only runs on a PC. It is hard to rationalize $2000 for a Macbook Air vs. $40 for a new battery or even $400 for a new PC laptop but that Macbook Air looks sweet.
  • I ordered the battery.
  • Then certain "features" of Internet Explorer stopped working for me. One of the symptoms was that I was no longer able to comment on blogs where the "embedded below post" attribute was used by the author. I wasted spent hours trying to fix it without success. I ultimately installed Chrome and all now works fine with Chrome.
  • None of the Apple computers in the household had this issue though so it was definitely something from the evil side of Redmond. The Macbook Air is still looking sweet.
  • I saw a kid, estimated age of 10, wearing Yankee paraphernalia from head to toe walking into a sports bar with his father (similarly dressed) right before the Yankee game was supposed to start on Saturday. What was odd about this situation is that he was wearing a glove. It must be a long fly ball to make it into the bar a few counties away from the "House that George Built." The dad wasn't wearing a glove though.
  • Ipads don't work well for me either.
  • The Mets are over .500. Who woulda thunk it?


Michael said...

Sorry about the toenail casualty. Losing toenails sucks! The Royals are in 1st place (I think) and are over .500- seriously who would have thought it. It won't last long - we are basking in our 10 minutes of glory in KC.

Heather said...

My dad and brother still take gloves to the Stros games no matter where they sit. (And they don't even hit.)

Good luck with the toenail and the computer.

Kate Geisen said...

Ummm...I think the Cardinals have won one game. Luckily I don't care. And my husband and boys always take gloves, so I count on them to save my life if I'm too busy reading to notice the fly ball heading towards my head. :)

Aka Alice said...

You can run Windows on a Mac :-)

Aka Alice said...

Here's how

Yes...I am evil :-)

Al's CL Reviews said...

Sorry about the toenail. I hate Explorer.

Chris K said...

Yeah, I switched to Chrome for that same exact reason and only use it now. Seems faster and just better.

I'm with you. I don't know how people can use a computer with no "right click" button.

Thanks for contributing to my story on my Blog.

Caratunk Girl said...

I am not an explorer fan, I use Firefox but thought of switching to Chrome. Sorry about teh toenail tragedy.

joyRuN said...

I use my hubs' Mac once in a blue moon. Drives me bonkers. And I never ever use Excel on there - none of my shortcuts work.

Congrats on the toenail casualty! I feel so incomplete not having lost one yet.

Big Clyde said...

We are a family in transition. We have always used PC's, but are quite addicted to all ipods, etc. and growing frustrated with our ever-crashing pc's.

Let me know how you like the new Mac.