Thursday, February 5, 2009

Events under consideration

Fresh after my Gridiron Classic performance, in typical rock star fashion, I'm trying to decide what would be the appropriate encores. Those in the crowd know, I'm sure, I much prefer the old school method of holding up the lit lighters (even though I never had them with me when I was in the audience rather than on stage as I didn't smoke) as compared to the new generation use of cell phones to ask for another encore. Fortunately, I have a bunch of events available for selection.

My rationale on doing these events is that I want them to support my EagleQuest, be one of the nine races necessary to complete to guarantee entry into the 2010NYC26.2 (expecting that my 2009NYC26.2 will uncover some things I'd like to do better), or simply just do for fun with family or friends. It is best if they can meet each of these rationales and all have to, of course, fit into the strategery that BikeMike is using to craft the plan as training continues. I know there are too many events on this list to complete and remain sane so I expect to miss more than a few. I've listed the events and the reasons why each is on the "list." Specific race goals, if any beyond finishing, will be dreamt up closer to each event.

  • Saturday Feb 21 NYRR 5K in Prospect Park. One of Nine.
  • Sunday Mar 1 NYRR 5K in Washington Heights - Only positive is that this knocks off another of the 9. No real compelling need to do it.
  • Saturday Mar 7 Kings Park 15K - Not one of 9, hilly, a little long but does this fit in the plan?
  • Saturday Mar 14 NYRR 8K in Central Park - Another of the potential 9. I am free as the rest of the family will be in Conn. I did this race last year. You need to pay for parking for Saturday races.
  • Sunday Mar 22 NYRR 15K in Central Park - the right distance leading up to the half and another of the 9. Double whammy!
  • Sunday Mar 29 Suffolk County Half Marathon. Knock off a stand alone half mary as a baseline for EagleQuest.
  • Saturday April 4 Plainview 10K - local race. Nice distance to prep speed for StA. Did last year.
  • Sunday April 5 NYRR 4m race in Central Park- generic NYRR 4m race, another of the 9
  • Saturday April 10-11 Trip to Maryland #1.
  • Saturday April 18 MiniMightyMan - dry run transitions
  • Sunday April 19 NYRR 4M in Central Park - another generic NYRR 4m race, another of 9 but do I want back to back race days with StA on the horizon?
  • Sunday April 26 StA - with TNT.
  • May 3 LI Half Marathon - Another standalone half for EagleQuest with TNT.
  • May 10 NYRR Mother's Dayin Central Park - 4m just to knock off another of the 9.
  • May 16 NYRR Healthy Kidney 10K in Central Park. One of 9. Day before Montauk.
  • May 17 Montauk Century with TNT.
  • May 24 Memorial Day weekend. Nothing currently scheduled.
  • May 31 Trip to Maryland #2
  • June 7 Nothing scheduled. Taperland?
  • Jun 14 EagleDay. 70.3 Dude.

I know that not all of these events are listed on the right in "Upcoming races" section of this opus. I only put an event in that list once I actually register and pay. Many of these will be race day decisions or at most a week in advance to fit into the overall plan. Check back frequently if you want to race with a rock star!

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