Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Resolution Ramblings

In this season of resolutions, three articles that I read earlier today seem to be having an impact on how I hope to think. Here is what I read and what my mind turned it into.

The first article by Mark Manson talked about how establishing habits can be more productive that setting goals. Goals, if done right, should be hard and are not always accomplished. Habits, while also hard, can be "keystone habit" which the author describes as habits that, once adopted, will reverberate into other areas of your life. These habit make acquiring other desirable habits more natural and require less effort. I let you read through this article from the link and rejoin this when done.

Welcome back.

The next article, while using many different themes, talked about what I interpreted as a candidate list for keystone habits. I edited the list down to 4 pillars to be done every day; exercise, cook. read and write ( I left out a few of the others mentioned but that is how I roll). I can't find the original article as it had more of an impact after I read it than when I was actually reading it. If I find the link, I'll update this post.

One of the themes throughout this recent reading journey was that, at the beginning, it is better just to do some each day rather than to get a big ass hairy goal (like an ironman, HA!!) and see where that leads. So I am exercising every day (2 days in a row),  will strive to cook rather an eat out as much as I do (Mrs Rockstar cooking counts too), and will write on this blog more frequently although only a rare sample of my writing will make the cut of being advertised via social media. As to what to read, I picked a book off from this article and a different book off another list of books that a well rounded person should read in their life. So, first up is David Sedaris' 'Me Talk Pretty One Day' and 'The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money' by Carl Richards.

Stay tuned.

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Kate Geisen said...

I know I find small, easily-attainable goals much better for me than big ones. I'm much happier meeting easy goals than failing on impressive ones, and I typically do more than what I "have" to when they're easy. And I totally agree about building habits! Good luck.