Friday, September 26, 2014


I just signed up for an annual pass for CitiBike. For those from less cultured parts of the world/country, CitiBike is a bike sharing program that was put in place some time ago. The commuting bike novelty has worn off  in most of NYC but I haven't ridden one yet. Meanwhile in the 3-4 days each week that I have to go to my New York office for work, I take the subway from Penn Station where I get off the LIRR to Tribeca where my 21st floor office awaits me.

The weather in NY has been pretty good recently and I've seen a lot of people riding these bikes. I haven't been training much but figured any riding is better than none. I'm guessing that each way will be a 15-20 minute ride based on traffic (I've walked it in 45 minutes).  I'll start packing a helmet once I get the bike pass in the mail. If I ride 40 times instead of taking the subway, it'll pay for itself. No, I'm not going to ride in the snow or rain but on many days the weather should be fine. There are two questions I need to answer:

  1. Should I track these rides by wearing a Garmin?
  2. Should I track these rides in Training Peaks?

Note that this video makes me laugh every time I think of CitiBikes. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why I never tried one.


Carolina John said...

I would at least log the rides in training peaks. Using the garmin once might be ok but most of the time I think it would just make me feel slow.

Jford said...

Absolutely I would log the miles! The mileage should be the same most rides, but I would!