Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy Review

We did better than most. Everyone is safe. Even though there are many trees down in the neighborhood, none of ours fell. We had some friends (aka refugees) stay over as they were evacuated from their home south of us. Their home is still standing without water damage (it stopped a few feet in front of their house) while others in their neighborhood are not so lucky.

We are in the minority as we never lost power. We had some flickering and a period of brown outs but all is good. Reports say 90% of homes on Long Island are dark. There is a massive tree down at the end of my block that took out two poles but the current is still running. The power folks say that in order to fix the wires on the ground they will need to take down our power. I would expect that to be a short time hopefully.

Driving is still hazardous due to trees across the road and more traffic lights are not working than are working. Cell phones don't really work, our land lines are hard down, no internet and no cable is available. My daughter said she had to do her current events homework "old school." I asked what that meant and she said she did it by reading the newspaper. Imagine that.

I can't make it into NYC as transit is still down. I was able to get to my alternate office so starting to be back to routine. Everyone I've checked with so far is safe. Schools are closed but no guidance available on when they will open again.

Prayers for the victims. Be safe and be well.


Jford said...

Glad to hear you are safe and without major damage!

Carolina John said...

Cool man, glad to hear you're all safe and good. This is when the "work from home" concept comes in real handy, huh? Really lucky you guys didn't lose power.

adena said...

Glad you are safe and sound. Stay that way please. :-)

Kate Geisen said...

Glad to hear you guys came through ok. Stay safe, and thanks for the update!

Unknown said...

Wow, good to hear. I thought of you & your family when I heard how hard LI was hit.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Glad you and your loved ones are safe.