Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Non race report.

I signed up a while ago to race the NYRR Wall Street Run that was scheduled for today. I haven't been running due to my blisters and other assorted foot issues. Since I have been feeling better and my blisters are almost healed, I thought about doing this race even though I haven't run a step in about 6 weeks. I packed up my running stuff and took everything with me to work.

The starting line of this race is right near my office so it is very convenient. The race is short at only 3 miles and so crowded that you really can't run fast until it thins out. Many, many, many people walk this race. I've run this race before. On the other side, the weather report was horrible. Sheets of rain were coming down in the morning but for whatever reason it stopped raining early in the afternoon. The sky looked like it would start raining again any minute and the forecast called for up to 3 additional inches of rain today/tonight.

I figured all I needed to do was get caught in the rain, get my feet soaked again, get more blisters, and not be able to run for another two months. I decided to not do the race due to the risk and head home instead. I still wasn't raining when I got home so I laced up my sneakers, put on a running shirt and shorts, found my Garmin, and headed out the door.

As I was playing with the Garmin while walking down my block, the skies opened up. I figured that this was an omen and jogged home. Total distance covered: 0.24 miles.

Pathetic, perhaps, but I realized I wanted to run and am looking at the next try in some train wreck sort of way. Stay tuned.


Kate Geisen said...

OK, this struck me as funny. I think because I've been talking again about my non-race and then you posted a non-race report, so I was expecting something different.

Have to say, I think I'd have been right there with you. Do you think God was swearing under his breath, What the *&%^ do I have to do to get this guy to take a break?? At least you listened there in the end. :)

Shelly said...

What a frustrating week! Never sure if it was going to start or stop raining. Finally got out on my bike this evening..... hoping this weekend will be dry.