Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A weekend in Lake Placid

  • My wife and I spent last weekend in Lake Placid cheering on the iron faithful. I took these pictures as we ran from spot to spot as the race was happening. All 22 Team Runner's Edge athletes who started completed the Ironman successfully. As I wrote in an email to Cary on his successful race, "Inspiring, simply inspiring."
  • We came back home to no internet, no phone, and no cable TV due to a massive storm that hit our area on Sunday. No permanent damage but the neighborhood looks like a mess with all the downed trees. We're back on the air as of Tuesday morning.
  • The big observation regarding Lake Placid is that we weren't able to find any, repeat any, piece of level ground. Anywhere. Perfect iron venue.
  • I met my first bloggerati, the Caratuck Girl, who signed up for IMLP2011.
  • My girls came back from camp on Monday after a little over a month away. The house is no longer quiet. Even so, that is good.


Carolina John said...

that's why i will not be not be attempting ironman lake placid next year. I gave it some consideration, but the bike route is too hard.

Julie said...

Hi Rock Star,
It must of been fun to cheer on the athletes at Lake Placid! Also, how wonderful to be so inspired:)

I bet you missed the girls and are glad to have them back. I don't know what I would do without my crazy, loud and hyper kids for a month. It would be nice for a week...after that I would start to miss them:)

Unknown said...

How cool to be able to observe an ironman in real life. all i've been able to do it watch on TV or follow on the internet

Caratunk Girl said...

Awesome to meet ya! Bummer to come home to no internet or anything!

Sue Sitki said...

Lol!! It's true - all roads seem to go uphill!! My husband raced LP this year and I trained all weekend. No flat roads anywhere!