Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I knew it was going to be bad...

I was doing well on the weight loss front recently. My recent blogs told a bit of a story line where my weight has been going down, perhaps not as steady as some linear algebra formulas, but trending down nicely.

Then came Christmas. For many people, Christmas gives an unwanted gift of a few pounds. For me this gift was 5.6 pounds. I guess Santa was upset I was eating too many of his cookies or some rock star was overly naughty.

In addition to the cookies, I ate too many chips and large celebration dinners with desert chasers. Although I had a few hard training days, I took off both Wednesday AND Thursday. I could have bailed on going to Weight Watchers and faced the scale next week but I chose to face the music like a true headliner.

I'm hoping these pounds aren't sticky. What I gained in one week I could lose in one week, at least that's the plan.

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